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Someone interesting?

I have a Lucci/Pauly Doujinshi. X3

Okay. I have five.

But one I have already scanned.
So here you have. It's a megaupload - download.

Perfect Blue

It happens after Enies Lobby. But I don't understand everyting. .__. Can't one single word japanese. Just english or german. 
But the doujinshi seems very wunderful!

[Fic] Paulie and His Cat: Drabbles

Return of Paulie and His Cat.

Here's the links in chronological order:

To Bell a Cat
Everyone Wants Paulie
Caught in the Middle
Flash Floods
Cute Pastels

Remember that the pairing is Lucci/Paulie everyone.

Lucci/Paulie fic

Okay so I was reading in the OP Yaoi drabble communtiy and saw that the word for the week was Hedonism. So I'm like "Oh, let's see what that means!" So I look at the discription and *WAM* out of no where this fic hits me. So I wrote and posted it. Today I remebered that there is a community for this arc that needs more love so I bring you my fic. Please tell me what you think.

Title: Hedonist
Warning/Rating: M for swearing and talk of sex
Pairing: Lucci/Paulie
Word Count: 159
Topic: Hedonism

Paulie was a hedonist...Collapse )

A Couple Things

I bring a few pictures from A-Kon where I cosplayed both CP9 and Galley-La Lucci with my girlfriend as Kaku. We plan to have a whole Galley-La Group (WITH PAULIEEEEEEE) at Afest! ^_^

I also bring a song for your consideration.

But first, pictures! pirateneko as Kaku!

Foremen of Dock OneCollapse )

And the song. It almost made me have a wreck when it came on the radio. It hit me THAT HARD as a Lucci/Paulie song. irrelevant agrees with me.

Over You - Chris DaughtryCollapse )

"Burning in Paradise" - Page 1 of ???

Page One of my WIP Doujin featuring Lucci and Paulie is up now on Y!Gallery!

Here be a link. Please go check it out and tell me what you think!



Title: Burning in Paradise (Page 1 of ???)
Pairing: Lucci/Paulie
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Well, there's some blood/light mutilation in the way of some hella bad scratches. Um, sex? Yes.

"I used to feel your fire, but now it's cold inside..."


May. 17th, 2008

Series: Paulie and His Cat
Fandom: One Piece
Author: Danyella Skyler Silverfire
Website: Livejournal, or Fanfiction.Net
Rating: PG average
Genre(s): General
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Paulie centric
Summary: Paulie seems to have three constants in his life: Ships, cats, and killers. He doesn't seem to be able to rid himself of any of them. Or the World Government either for that matter.
Beta: bronzetigress & dark_liandrin
Warnings: Okay there are a couple of original characters in this, one being the tiger Blackjack, the other is a woman named Iria that acts like a demented sister to Paulie. There will be no Paulie/Iria.
Disclaimer: Checks reality meter (It's remarkably Magic Eight Ball shaped). {{shake}}{{shake}} Do I own One Piece? Nope still the right reality. Go eat a tuna sandwich instead. {{stares}} Damn.
Author's Note: I've decided to try and do a 100 Prompts thingy. It seems like a good way to jump around with this thing. They're Paulie centric, with the occasional Lucci/Paulie ones depending on placement. Also they will also be listed for now in the order they were written.
The Paulie and His Cat Drabbles


The Devil Wind Plotbunny

The Devil's Wind

The Devil's Wind is an unusual meteorological event that happens once every two to five hundred years and the duration last about a month. The unusual metrology of the Grand Line multiplies the effects by as much as three times as elsewhere off the Grand Line.

The main effect of the Devil's Wind is that it causes the devil in the devil fruit user to take control of the body for the duration of the 'Wind.

The devils are driven by the three "f's", food, fighting, and fucking. They will seek out and deal with unresolved issues of their human host. Rivals or persons who inspire anger and hate in the host, but due to civilized reasoning, they cannot react as much as they may wish will suddenly find themselves facing an opponent without the former restrictions.

Similarly, denied or established lust or love will be sought out, and if the person is reasonably compatible they will form a mating bond with the devil fruit user. Afterwards being the safest person from that user. (Yes this is an excuse for smut)

Also the devil's will form packs, and/or establish territories depending upon the former habits of the host, as well as the particular type of devil fruit they consumed. What is theirs is theirs and that's the end of the matter.

Depending upon the circumstances the devil fruit users during the Devil's Wind can either bring great ruin, or great prosperity.

After the winds fade and the human returns to control of the body the effects can still be felt. The devil doesn't completely leave its current host and fade into the background again. Depending upon how long has passed since the individual has consumed their particular fruit, effects how much of the devil stays and merges with the human. The longer it's been since they've eaten the devil fruit the greater the merging, while the more recent the less so.

Another effect of the Devil's Wind is that it creates new Devil Fruits. Either through them being formed randomly, or more commonly through the bodies of the humans now mated with a devil fruit user, leading to variations on a type. Easiest example being the Zoan fruits. A cat fruit eater mating with a human will cause the human to become a cat but not the same type. Thus a new model of the cat fruit.

Optional: Also as the original host of the devil fruit they are not prone to the water curse of the other devil fruits. They are still able to able to swim if so inclined as they are the first host and it is not truly a devil fruit until the host dies and the fruit actually forms. They are also among the most heavily merged with the devil because they do not have same barrier between the human and the devil.

Beta Request

I've just gotten into One Piece and I need a beta for some Smoker/Ace and Lucci/Paulie stuff I've started to write. Also a familiarity with Naruto would be a wonderful bonus.


I had a couple Lucci/Paulie bunnies attack me that could work together or be separate.

The first one is Paulie for some reason having to work with CP9 after Enies Lobby.

The second one is Paulie being found tied up in a random target's bedroom and Lucci finding him after he kills the target. Lucci takes Paulie (who is most likely drugged) with him when he leaves.

I would love to see someone write one or both of these. They're bugging me, but not enough to give me more of a plot.